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2019 - 2020

The 40 Piece Challenge is an event sponsored by the Facebook Page - The Art of Piano Pedagogy.

This event encourages piano teachers to keep themselves challenged in learning new repertoire, to the tune of 40 pieces through the academic school year (U.S. September through June)

In this years challenge I plan to fill up some gaps in my intermediate student repertoire lists, begin recording more preparatory literature, as well as record some classical literature and record some religious performances I'm planning.

I hope you enjoy the selections I've chosen!!  Happy Listening!!

Dmitri Shostakovich - Six Pieces for Children

The Bear
A Funny Story
A Sad Story
The Mechanical Doll

Robert Vandall - Modal Expressions

Ionian Fanfare
Dorian Tarantella
Good Times
Aeolian Minuet
Locrian Toccatina

Jon George - Mediaeval Pageant

The Tournament Begins
The Troubador Sings
The Jester Performs
Suite MVT I - Branle
MVT II - Air
MVT III - Gigge

Jon George - A Day in the Jungle

Elephant Walking
Gazelle Prancing
Natives Dancing
Jungle River Flowing
Beetle Creeping
Tiger Stalking
Baboons Talking
Giant Vines Growing
Snake Sneaking
Crocodile Basking
Orchid Blooming
Jungle Sunset Glowing

Jon George - A Day in the Forest

Forest Dawn
Rain ... and the Rainbow
A Bevy of Quail
The Snail's Journey
Rushing Brook
Twilight Descends
VIP Very Important Porcupine
The Old Hermit

Muzio Clementi - Sonatinas Op. 36

Muzio Clementi - Sonatinas Op. 36 #1

I - Allegro
II - Andante
III - Vivace

Stephen Heller - Etudes Op. 45 - 46 - 47

Opus 47

Etude in Am (Op 47 #3)
Etude in G (Op 47#4)
Etude in Dm (Op 47 #10)

Dmitri Kabalevsky - Opus 27 ---  30 Children's Pieces

Op. 27 #1 Waltz
Op. 27 #2 Song
Op. 27 #3 Etude
Op. 27 #4 Night on the River
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