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Dan Dan the Music Man



DAN DAN the MUSIC MAN is my pre school music program.  I've taught this program at several well known pre school and Montessouri schools in the Butler, Evans City, Cranberry and Wexford areas.  DAN DAN the MUSIC MAN not only exposes children to great music but develops basic music skills that can transfer directly to private lessons, especially piano and violin. 


DAN DAN the MUSIC MAN can be classified as a class in "music readiness".  This means that this class makes students ready to study music formally.  This class lays a music foundation that is of great benefit for any young student that may someday study music in a school band or choir.  It will also benefit students that would take lessons on any private instrument; violin, piano, flute, guitar, even drums.

This is done through teaching students basic aural skills.  Students do not only learn to sing songs but learn elementary ideas concerning pitch.  Students learn how to hear sounds that are higher and lower.  Learning this skill, even with very simple music, helps students to discriminate and evaluate musical tones. This skill will follow the student, to his benefit, for year to come.


DAN DAN the MUSIC MAN also teaches students the basics of rhythm.  Students not only play on rhythm instruments but are coached to keep a steady musical pulse.  Students learn to read music notation and its rhythm.  Every exercise given is purposeful and has an instructional point.  Students have great fun; but it is directed fun.


Students that participate in DAN DAN the MUSIC MAN are also exposed to great music.  The musical examples are given to not only teach students to appreciate good music but are taught HOW TO LISTEN to good music to get the most enjoyment from their listening.  Students listen not only to classical works of the great masters, but also exposed to the best in folk song.  If necessary students are given some historical context to appriciate the music that's presented to them.  For example -- students are taught about the 1849 gold rush before learning about the popular folk song Clementine.


I even wrote a book BUILDING MUSIC MUSCLE that I use with my young piano students to give them the advantages that DAN DAN the MUSIC MAN provides for my pre school classes.  BUILDING MUSIC MUSCLE is also a great book that parents can use to teach their children a love and appreciation for music in the privacy of their home.


To bring DAN DAN the MUSIC MAN to your pre school contact me at (724) 524-3500 or fill out and send me the contact form at the bottom of this page.  Teaching DAN DAN the MUSIC MAN in the general Wexford, Mars, Saxonburg, Gibsonia, Cranberry area.

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