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STUDENTS - Here is an excellent article.  The author gives his personal experience in taking piano lessons and shows how it help him become the person he is today.  It also gives some great advice on the value of keeping with a task for an extensive period of time to get the full benefits of your commitment.  I hope you will enjoy the article.  Click [HERE] or click on the picture.


Mini Lessons


..... will will be a regular feature at Piano Lessons PLUS

Mini-Lesson will present a short recording accompanied by a few words to help you understand something about music.

Recently, I sent a student some recordings of some well known living women pianists.  Here is a recording of one of my favorite woman pianists, Guiomar Novaes.  She is considered one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century.

In this recording she is playing one of Frederic Chopin's masterpieces, his Berceuse.  A Berceuse is a lullaby.  Chopin had to ability to get sounds from the piano that no one before his time was capable.  Listen to how light and delicate Guiomar Novaes plays this piece.  We want to work hard making the piano "sing" like Guiomar Novaes does in Chopin's Berceuse.

In our Discovery Piano System - Book 2A we have a piece called Berceuse.  Here, we have a chance to make the piano sound light and delicate.  Can your playing put a baby to sleep?

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