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The Keyboard Kids


KEYBOARD KIDS is my pre school piano program. 


KEYBOARD KIDS gets young 4 - 6 year old children reading music from the very first lesson.


NO READING SKILLS are necessary to begin KEYBOARD KIDS. 


KEYBOARD KIDS is designed to teach beginners to read music fast.  It also teaches students the basics of rhythm and the keeping of a steady beat. 


Parents are amazed at how easily their children learn to read music!


KEYBOARD KIDS is presented in a way that is geared to the learning patterns of the young preschool mind.


Students learn to read music quickly and naturally.

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I've totally redesigned my very successful KEYBOARD KIDS preschool piano program making it better than ever.

Like before, I created KEYBOARD KIDS with the presupposition that the students would have no previous formal education, musical or otherwise.  Students are not required to read to fulfill the assignments of each page.  Students don't need to distinguish their right hand from their left.  The activities of each page of their newly designed  KEYBOARD KIDS book was designed to be presented to the student in approximately 5 minutes or less.

I understand that part of my job as an instructor is to expand the student's attention span.  Here's how I do that.

Our lessons are NOT totally focused on the piano.  We do many activities not focused on the piano. I take into account the attention span of a preschool child. I develop the student's rhythmic skills with rhythm instruments.  We do activities at our Whiteboard.  We do clapping exercises together.  Many activities are designed as games. 


I even wrote several Piano-Percussion Duets where we play together.  Sometimes students play the piano and sometimes play the percussion instrument.  


KEYBOARD KIDS was always designed to teach students HOW TO READ music notation.  Students are introduced to only one music symbol at a time.  Each music symbol is thoroughly understood before a new symbol is introduced. 


At the piano KEYBOARD KIDS teaches student the "geography" of the piano keyboard.  They learn to keep a steady beat from the very beginning.  They learn the values of the basic notes.  Students are slowly introduced to the music staff.  What begins as very simple note patterns slowly emerge into simple little sings.  This is because of the careful methodical introduction of basic musical concepts as presented in our KEYBOARD KIDS Book.

KEYBOARD KIDS is written as a slow unfolding of music which is analogous to the way children learn reading through the slow unfolding of learning the letters of the alphabet and their resultant sounds which eventually become simple words and eventually sentences which develop into stories.  By the time the student is finished with my KEYBOARD KIDS PROGRAM the student is ready to read standard music notation and begin our Discovery Piano System course.

I'm really excited about my new KEYBOARD KIDS!!  Please call me today!!

To find out more about KEYBOARD KIDS contact me at (724) 524-3500 or fill out and send me the contact form at the bottom of this page.  CALL NOW!!

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