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I Would Love Your Child to Become A
Keyboard Kid

Hi!  My name is Dan Severino.  In few short paragraphs I would like to give you reasons why I think I would be a great teacher for your young preschool child.

First, early on in my teaching career I purposely devoted my attention and energies to teaching the young beginner.  When I began teaching there was a movement begin teaching piano to 4-5 year old beginners.  Before this the ideal age of teaching beginners was 7-8.  When I began teaching, nearly all methods were  geared for 7-8 year old beginners.  Methods for 4-5 year old were scarce.


During this time I was in teaching young preschoolers at Montessori schools. Through this experience I learned what young 4-5  year old students were capable of learning.  So, I went to work to develop a program that would adapt well to teaching piano to younger preschoolers.


In designing my program, I had to properly sequence the many little steps necessary to make the study of the piano a smooth steady progression of learning geared specifically to the 4-5 year old beginners.  Since this was going to be a big emphasis of my teaching I had to "get it right".  After a lot of work with many young students I completed a method I called Keyboard KidsTo me, my studio was my laboratory. To my students it was the place they came to learn music from "Mr. Dan".

Through observing Montessori schools I noticed how they designed "discovery" into their schools as part of the natural way children learned.  Students learn naturally through "discovery".  This is a big part of the way I designed my books; students "discover" one element of music at a time, each element builds on the next.  Through time music begins to emerge.


Having gone through this experience I feel I have become very familiar with the learning process of youngsters in a very intimate way.  I have learned how to pace learning.  I've learned how to adapt to the familiar patterns of learning in young people.  Even though no two students are alike I've learned all the major kinds of learners and personalities.

All of this is why I think I would make an excellent teacher for your child.  I KNOW the young child.  I KNOW the way they learn.  I've thought through the learning processes of the young student in great detail.  I KNOW what to do in virtually any situation that may come up in their lessons.


Finally, I love teaching and each of my students brings me great joy.

I hope you choose me as your piano teacher.


Musically yours,

Dan Severino

PLEASE CALL 724-524-3500

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