Thank you for considering Piano Lessons PLUS for you piano lesson needs!!

Spring 2019 Promotion


Piano Lessons PLUS is offering a FREE INTERVIEW/LESSON ($50 value) for all new students that register for lessons in the month of May/June 2017.

CALL TODAY (724) 524-3500

This includes introducing 4-6 year old beginners to our very successful Keyboard Kids program.  It includes introducing grade school beginners (Grades 1-6) to our Discovery Piano System.  It includes transfer students.  It includes adults wanting to begin piano or refresh their piano skills.

We have taught all manner of students; most have been enthusiastic students just wanting to give music a try to see if it's something they have a knack.  Some of our students take music for the purpose of developing fundamental skills in coordination.  Some take lessons as part of their educational development.  Some go on and use piano as part of their skill set in adult life.  Many participate is recitals and auditions to challenge themselves to be the best they can be.  We teach each of these students with professional dedication and care.


Give us a call at (724) 524-3500 to set up your free interview and lesson and if you register for lessons in  May or June we will subtract $50 from your first tuition payment.