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The PLUS in Piano Lessons PLUS

Piano Lessons PLUS isn't Piano Lessons AS USUAL.  It's Piano Lessons PLUS

 But what exactly is The PLUS?   Most teachers of music rightly want to share their love of music to their students.  They want them to love music as they love music.  So do I!  How do I do that?  


STEP ONE is to make the piano lesson enjoyable and interesting.  That's always the beginning.  But how do we keep that interest vibrant? 


STEP TWO.  Give students assignments challenging enough they can master but not so difficult they develop frustration. 


STEP THREE.  Put incentives and tangible goals before students for them to accomplish.




Piano Lessons PLUS always is encouraging students to accomplish goals with incentives to reward them for their efforts.  For examples .....

Students are given clear tasks and goals at each lesson.  They are given written goals and tasks to accomplish in the music and exercises they are to study. For this work students earn points and stickers.

Students become members of the Piano Lessons  PLUS- Recording Club where I post their recordings on my WebSite.  Parents can then direct their family and friends on their child's growth and achievement in piano.

I have incentives where students can earn certificates in important musical work in memory, performance, technique, and even practicing goals.  There are multiple incentives for beginning and advanced students.

Every student can choose their own incentives and work toward them.  Students plan their own program of success.


The PLUS makes for a more engaged and motivated student.

For more detailed information please call 724-524-3500.  If I cannot answer please leave me a voicemail and I'll get back with you ASAP.

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