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Dan Severino                      

(724) 524-3500


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Dan Severino


I've been teaching piano since my teen years, even before I received my music degree.  I have extensive experience in teaching piano, church music, organ, and theory and composition. 


In my years I've been involved in professional piano teachers organizations as the National Guild of Piano Teachers and Music Teachers National Organization and have occupied leadership positions in these organizations.


I have had articles published in professional piano pedagogy journals and presently write for my blogs  --  Piano Lessons PLUS Blog and Blogging at Piano Teacher Press .


I've written and have had recorded music for the church and own Piano Teacher Press where I publish books and compositions for piano students.

I am particularly proud of the work I've done with the young pre school beginner having written piano methods The Keyboard Kids and Middle C Repertoire.

I would love the opportunity to teach your children and share my love of music with them.




Some of Dan's Educational YouTube Videos

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