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KEYBOARD KIDS is my pre school piano program.  KEYBOARD KIDS gets young 4 - 6 year old children started in private piano lessons.  NO READING SKILLS are necessary to begin the program.  KEYBOARD KIDS is designed to teach beginners to read music.  It also teaches students the basics of rhythm and the keeping of a steady beat. 


Parents are amazed at how easily their children learn to read music when presented in a way that is geared to the learning patterns of the young pre school mind.  KEYBOARD KIDS also contains a special Theory/Reading book called MY FIRST THEORY

My MY FIRST THEORY teaches students to spot the elementary shapes of music and know their sounds in the same way students learn the sounds of the alphabet letters to learn to "sound out" their first reading words.

To find out more about KEYBOARD KIDS and MY FIRST THEORY contact me at (724) 935-2840 or fill out and send me the contact form at the bottom of this page.

 Dan Dan the Music Man  

DAN DAN the MUSIC MAN is my pre school music program.  I've taught this program at several well known pre school and Montessouri schools in the Butler, Evans City, Cranberry and Wexford areas.  DAN DAN the MUSIC MAN not only exposes children to great music but develops basic music skills that can transfer directly to private lessons, especially piano and violin. 


I even wrote a book BUILDING MUSIC MUSCLE that I use with my young piano students to give them the advantages that DAN DAN the MUSIC MAN provides for my pre school classes.  BUILDING MUSIC MUSCLE is also a great book that parents can use to teach their children a love and appreciation for music in the privacy of their home.


I teach DAN DAN the MUSIC MAN in the general Wexford, Mars, Saxonburg, Gibsonia, and Cranberry area.


To bring DAN DAN the MUSIC MAN to your pre school contact me at (724) 524-3500 or fill out and send me the contact form at the bottom of this page.



Keyboard Kids 
Middle C Repertoire 

MIDDLE C REPERTOIRE is the program I designed for beginners 6 and older.  There are 5 books in the MIDDLE C REPERTOIRE series.  The series is much more than a series of compositions of progressive difficulty.  The series presents a huge variety of interest in the way the compositions are arranged.  This places greater demands on the reading skills of the performer.


To help the student to deal with the reading demands I wrote something unique to most standard piano methods.  I wrote a READING METHOD to accompany the MIDDLE C REPERTOIRE books.  The READING METHOD gives students a progressive series of exercises to methodically introduce a thorough "phonics" of sounds, shapes and forms encountered in reading music.   THEORY BOOKS and CLASSICAL ANTHOLOGIES also accompany the MIDDLE C REPERTOIRE series.

To find out more about MIDDLE C REPERTOIRE contact me at (724) 935-2840 or fill out and send me the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Transfer Students - Adult Piano Lessons 

TRANSFER STUDENTS - ADULT PIANO LESSONS --  I have always had an interest in teaching students that have had some previous piano training and especially the adult student.  It's not at all unusual for young students to want to give piano a second look or even a third look.  Also, many people don't have the opportunity to take piano lessons until they are adults so when they come they are highly motivated. 



If you want to give piano another try or have always wanted to learn to play the piano. but have never had the opportunity contact me at (724) 935-2840 or fill out and send me the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Piano Lessons PLUS is open from MONDAY thru SATURDAY.

Contact Dan Severino for his specific teaching schedule.  I'll get back with you ASAP.


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