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Piano Lessons PLUS

SPRING - Time for something NEW!!

I have TOTALLY revamped my pre-school piano program - Keyboard Kids.  I've added and reinforced basic skills in reading and rhythmic development to prepare students for more serious study when students enter grade school.  

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Find more about Keyboard Kids HERE

Find more about Discovery Piano System HERE

Spring is the perfect time to begin piano lessons!!


The spring months is great time to begin something that MAY last a lifetime of self-expression.


Spring is a great time to begin because everything is becoming new again.


Dan Severino


We LOVE music!! 

Allow us to share our love of music with YOU!!


SPRING is the perfect times to begin piano lessons. It's a great time for starting something new and invigorating and Piano Lessons PLUS is ready for YOU!!  Our pencils are sharpened and our programs are set to make your spring fantastic. Give us a call at (724) 524-3500 and I promise we'll get back to you ASAP so you can begin on a musical journey that we hope will go on for the rest of your life!!

We love beginners!!

     Piano Lessons PLUS has given special attention to the young pre-school beginner having designed its very own Keyboard Kids specifically for the young pre-school student.
Keyboard Kids

We love developing young musicians!!

     Piano Lessons PLUS prides itself in developing young musicians where music becomes a part of their life.  It begins with our Discovery Piano System and  leads students to their major musical interests.
READ ABOUT - The Discovery Piano System

We love "transfer students" and adults, too!!

     Piano Lessons PLUS has great respect for adults willing to willing to become a student again!  That's courageous!  And we always encourage music study for those wanting to continue their piano lessons, regardless of their age.  We're here to help!!
READ ABOUT - Transfer Students/Adults

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