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I Would Love You to Join My
Discovery Piano System

Hi!  My name is Dan Severino, owner of Piano Lessons PLUS  


Over the past several years I've been giving my teaching program a fresh new outlook, a more modern approach to piano lessons, a way of combining the very best of the past and the exciting innovations of the new.  

I determined not to let go of all the good I've learned from my classical training.  I also decided to hold on to the educational approach I learned in teaching music at Montessori schools, directing my students to naturally discovery and explore through their own initiative and curiosity.  In fact, I'm calling my new approach - The Discovery Piano System.   

I also wanted to include new techniques that help students read music more easily combined with learning to read music via rote learning techniques.  I've written 3 books, each with over 100 pages of extensive aids helping students spot basic note patterns found in all music.  It's exciting to see my students become good note readers going through my Discovery Piano System - Reading Method.  In my Anthology Books students learn music through learning to writing and arranging their own music. It amazing how much better learn music through the addition of writing it in addition to playing it.

Through The Discovery Piano System my students get the best of the past and the present.  The learn the music, not only through playing and memorizing, but learning how to become a good note reader. Students learn through the medium of composing and arranging.  Music becomes a skill that they will learn to master through experiencing it through several different avenues of discovery.

All of this is why I think I would make an excellent teacher for your child.  I KNOW the piano student.  I KNOW the way they learn.  I've thought through the learning processes of young piano students in great detail.  I KNOW what to do in virtually any situation that may come up in their lessons.


Finally, I love teaching and get a special thrill seeing my students excel in learning.

I hope you choose me as your piano teacher.


Musically yours,

Dan Severino

PLEASE CALL 724-524-3500

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