An Exciting New Way to Begin Piano Lessons

I've began becoming involved in E-Learning six years ago and as technology has improved so has its potential.

I wrote a blog soon after I began giving online piano lessons to my fellow piano teachers to give them a glimpse into its unique benefits.  You can fine that blog [HERE].

I have two programs that I think that will work quite well and are easily adapted to online learning.  I want to now offer these to a wider public through Piano Lessons PLUS ......

1) Keyboard Kids (designed for young students age 4-6)

2) The Discovery Piano System (a comprehensive piano program for school age students that helps students "discover" the basic elements of music and piano playing.  This approach gives students a solid background that can easily move into many different disciplines of music study, whether classical, jazz, accompanying, arranging, etc.


To put that in simpler terms students are taught to understand what they are learning at a fundamental level Music is taught as an academic subject.  But not academic in the staid professorial sense.  Academic in the engaging "let's explore and let's discover" sense.


Music is taught as music, so we look at it musically.  Music is melody, so we study music melodically.  Music is harmony, so we study music harmonically.  Music is rhythm, so we study music rhythmically.


In both of these programs I recommend a high degree of parental involvement; especially the Keyboard Kids program.  All this means is that I desire your interest in the whole endeavor.

Here are two blogs I wrote on Parental Involvement in Piano Lessons.

Piano Parents

I just can’t get them to practice and I don’t want to nag!!



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