In these days of isolation 

your child needs a companion.


I am excited.   My recent Online Teaching has me rethinking the piano lesson and its possibilities in an online environment.


I've given a lot of thought as how to make Online Learning an effective way for students to study music. I have made many adaptations to my new “teaching center” by adding computers, new hardware, internet capacity, combining these with a lot of research to expand my creative capabilities to make my lessons more exciting and engaging. 

I don't want to give the impression that Online Learning is better than Private Studio Instruction but I do want to say that it can be an effective way of learning piano.

I have also found, because of my student’s online savvy, that they have taken to online learning positively and enthusiastically.  It has been a very natural adaptation.  Today's students are using iPads quite naturally in their school day.

One exciting thing for me is that two of my major teaching programs are already perfectly suited to online learning via computers or iPads.  What I have been doing at my private studio is now formatted for immediate use to any online learners.

My programs ready to go today are Keyboard Kids and The Discovery Piano System.  My Keyboard Kids program is the perfect program to help children, age 4-6, begin to reading music. 


My Discovery Piano System is so much more than a method that gets young beginners to read music and play a few songs.  It is a system that gets students composing, arranging and creating music.  It makes music a functional part of their lives, a very part of their person.  They become individually creative with music, even at the elementary level of study.

In days of like today music may be your child's perfect companion. 

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